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Rose Thorns Between Us

Adult General Fiction

Twenty-eight-year-old Genevieve Folsom has been in a rut ever since the death of her late husband two years ago. A type of rut that has her confined to her bed most days, with an odd knack of never leaving the house the two of them shared. Gen, an unyielding believer in soulmates, figures her life is just as over as his.


Until one fateful day, she meets her—Iris, a lepidopterist and new Mackinac resident working in a conservatory.


Iris’s love for life, butterflies, and all things Mackinac has Gen second guessing her newfound, deep-seated hatred for it. Through Iris, she starts to revive herself. She finds a way to enjoy the island in its entirety—a feat she thought she lost after her husband’s passing, when the magic faded with him.


And for the first time in years, she truly feels alive. The past trickles in, and when guilt eats away at her for finally being happy, Gen may lose everything she’s tried so hard to keep close.

Note, I only own the top left and bottom right pics. The rest are not mine.

Hide & Sneak

Adult Contemporary Romance

Hide & Sneak.jpg
Note, I do not own any of these pictures.

When life gave her lemons, twenty-three-year-old Clarissa Michaels ran away from them. For her, it seemed like heartache after heartache without any sign of letting up. Between her more than dysfunctional family and constantly moving around, she never thought she’d truly be able to settle anywhere—that she belonged anywhere.

Until she finally found a place she felt comfortable in. Two houses, built so close the roofs are touching, in the middle of nowhere, Michigan. Briana and Dean Adler are cousins from the well-off families who own these homes, and every June, they’re allowed to bring a group of friends to stay with them for the entire month.

Rissa has never been fond of secrets, especially if she has to keep them from Bri—but this one is a little deeper than the latter could imagine. Over the years, Dean has become her rock ever since the two bonded over mutually awful pasts. They’re inseparable and protective over each other, but their classic game of hide and sneak may not be as secretive as they thought.

Last summer, everything went wrong for Rissa and Dean. What was once a friendship tight knit and impossible to break has now crumbled before her eyes. In her attempt to make it up to him, old wounds get opened, hearts are on the line, and not everyone may have as blissful of a summer as they’re all used to.

What Granny Doesn't Know

Adult Romantic Comedy

Twenty-three-year-old Talia Thompson expected to graduate with her Bachelor’s degree and move on with her life—but not without her long-term boyfriend, Andrew Brooks. After seven years, he decides it’s time for them both to move on. That is, until four months later, when he comes back and asks her to come to his annual family reunion across the country.


Impulsively, Talia agrees. They’ll fake date for the month to appease his 95-year-old grandmother, and then they’ll finally be able to go their separate ways. Unfortunately for them both, things take a turn when they give in to each other and cross their previously drawn line.


Amidst complications and feelings, Talia and Andrew have to pretend everything is fine—that they’re still a happy couple, very much in love. Between receiving grueling tasks and being paired up for the most outrageous games, their spark may just get reignited before the end of June, especially if Granny has anything to say about it.

Note, I do not own any of these pictures.
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