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If you're interested in any of these services, please contact me via the contact

form on the "Contact" page or DM me on Twitter!


Couple's Counseling
(Beta reading service)

Are your characters having trouble expressing their emotions? Are they feeling a bit robotic? Does their connection not pop off the page?

Relationships in writing are my specialty. Let me help you with that! I'll beta read your novel with sole focus on the relationship between your characters. By the time they're done with my sessions, they'll be madly in love.

*This is for romance novels only or for novels of other genres that have a strong romantic subplot


Classic Beta Reading

Searching for a beta reader to take a look at your novel? I've got you covered! This is my full-service beta service, where I'll read and check out big-picture ideas. You can send me a list of questions or just request overall notes. I am happy to help.

I am able to beta read the following genres:

Romance, all Fantasy types, Mystery, Thriller, Women's Fiction, General Fiction

For any other genre, please contact me, as pricing may vary. (Please note, I do not beta read MG novels.)


Query Package Critique
(Query Letter, first 10 pages, synopsis)

Having trouble getting agent attention with your query package? Do you want a second pair of eyes on it?

Look no further! I can take a look at all aspects and let you know my opinion on how to strengthen it. I'll beta read the first ten pages, do minor edits and make suggestions on the query letter, and analyze the synopsis for areas where it can be tightened.

This service is open to all genres.

Isabelle M. 

Fantasy Romance

@izmartinzen on Twitter

"Hals is a thoughtful reader who will take the time to process your story, notice the positive aspects, and help strengthen major themes and plot points. I would trust her with my (and my characters') life!"

Kiara P.

Adult Contemporary Romance

@kiiarawrites on Twitter

"Haley's fresh eyes allowed me to strengthen both my manuscript and writing skills. Her expertise helped me polish up my story, all while providing insights that will help me prepare for querying. She has been an asset during my revision process!"

Ben C.

Adult Contemporary Romance

@BenChalfin on Twitter

"I was really impressed with Haley's in-depth comments and work on my WIP. She was prompt, professional, and very helpful in bringing my characters to life. Definitely recommend, 10/10!"

Courtney M.

Narrative Nonfiction Memoir

@cr_mcknight on Twitter

"I can't recommend @halswarrington's beta reading services enough. We've had great conversations and all her feedback inspires me to improve."

Ares F.

Fantasy Fiction

@aresmacabre on Twitter

"I will always highly recommend sending your story to Hals!! She makes sure to be thorough & will tell you everything she loved (and more)! I will never regret showing her mine, that's for sure!"

Megan S.

Fantasy Fiction

@MegSteadman on Twitter

"I am so grateful to Haley for taking a chance on my longer project! She answered all my revision questions perfectly, and provided so much additional great feedback. Her notes helped me solidify points I was worried about, and showed me new insights I hadn't even considered! Her communication and responses are always timely and clear as well. I HIGHLY recommend her for beta reading!"
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