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Adult Contemporary Romance/General Fiction

Out August 5, 2025 with Lake Country Press

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The Duponts are an old Louisiana family, meaning 25-year-old Sadie is set to inherit the one thing the Anderson family wants—the Dupont family home built in 1945. With a worth of over 6 million, the house is unrivaled in beauty and historic value. The Andersons, who run the Garden District real estate, have the power to take away not only the home—but the heartfelt memories created within. Unfortunately for Sadie, that means Cole Anderson—her ex of five years—is going to come back around.


To Sadie, family and jazz music are her life. After the tragic loss of her father, she loses her connection to music, too. Everyone left behind starts to fail her, from her sister being too occupied with her own life, to her mother trying to sell their house. Her father never wanted their family heirloom home to be sold—especially not to the Andersons of all people. And with Cole back in Sadie’s life, her summer gets more complicated when he tries to make up for the past.


With her number one priority being her father’s last wishes, Sadie burns bridges in an attempt to honor his memory. When Cole becomes her one pillar of support, not only does he help her love the woman she’s become, but he revives the music in her soul.

Art by: falloutbryan

Saccharine Serenade

Adult Contemporary Romance/Romcom

Out July 7, 2026 with Lake Country Press

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All it took was a coffee, a bad day, and being a little late to her favorite place for twenty-five-year-old, aspiring author Sophie Reed to realize that not everything is a sign from her dead mother.


On the other hand, Tyler Liu is a member of one of the most famous boy bands of this generation—AfterGlow. With his schedules finally slowing down, he’s able to try the one hobby he’s always wanted: writing.

The two meet at a little, indie craft store in LA on a whim, and when Tyler notices Sophie has no idea who he is, he starts asking her questions about her writing process. One thing leads to another, and before they know it, they’re in a nosedive toward romantic feelings neither of them anticipated. A relationship as natural as breathing blooms between them. The one tiny…tiny problem: he still hasn’t told her who he is.


Adult Contemporary Romance/Romcom

with Lake Country Press

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Twenty-seven-year-old Maya Wright is a certified Cool Wine Aunt, complete with a glass at every appropriate occasion and, of course, swearing off men. Roped into going to a practice game for the Texas Twisters, she realizes that may not be as easy as it seems—not when it comes to Callum Park.

Cal and Maya used to spend their childhood summers together. Every year from before preschool and up until they graduated high school on separate sides of the state, until Cal got a baseball scholarship that seemingly separated them for good.


With a ten-year friendship hiatus, Maya is pretty sure Cal still hates her for what she did during their last summer. Throughout the twists and turns of everyday life, they’ll both find things out about each other they never would’ve fathomed—and they have to decide if sticking around is worth it.


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