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Couple's Counseling

Are your characters having trouble expressing their emotions? Are they feeling a bit robotic? Does their connection not pop off the page?

Relationships in writing are my specialty. Let me help you with that! I'll beta read your novel with sole focus on the relationship between your characters. By the time they're done with my sessions, they'll be madly in love.

*This is for romance novels only or for novels of other genres that have a strong romantic subplot


Novels up to 50,000 words:

Novels up to 70,000 words:

Novels above 70,000 words:




If you would like to discuss my notes in further detail, I offer 30-minute increment video calls.

Pricing: $10 per 30-minute session

Please contact me for pricing if your novel is over 90,000 words

If you're interested in this service, please contact me via
the contact form on the "Contact" page or DM me on Twitter!

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