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THE post. Interesting title, right?

So, this isn’t a typical ‘how I got my agent’ post, because I didn’t get an agent…I got a book deal (shoutout to LCP for being absolutely PHENOMENAL throughout this entire process).

I don’t have much of a story. Odd for a writer, I know. I’ve been querying for a little over a year, and with a total of five novels. The only one ready was FACES ON FRENCHMEN STREET, the book that scored this deal in the first place.

I’m not gonna lie—I am absolutely not an expert in anything to do with querying. Brittany saw a vision with FOFS, and it enhanced the story so beautifully, I literally couldn’t say no. I was itching to sign the contract the day after she offered (and as y’all most likely know, I signed it 5 days afterward).

Before I get into the nitty gritty, I’m going to thank some people because they deserve it.

Isabelle (@izmartinsen on Twitter) — I have zero clue where this book would be without you. You were the first person to love Sadie and Cole as much as I do, and that is so, so special to me. Even after I complained for the 29340829348th time about feeling like giving up, you never let me. Without you, FOFS would not be what it is, and I would not be who I am. THANK YOU! <3 P.S. I’m so proud of us both. We’ve been putting all our blood, sweat, and tears into these novels and it’s finally paying off for us both. 2023 is OUR year, bestie!!!!

Sio (@SioMulvaney on Twitter) — The girl with the vision. My outlining partner. The person I know will keep it real with me no matter what. You have done so much good for me since we met, and I have nothing but love and appreciation for you. Between five-hour Tim Horton’s outlining dates and hours-long Zoom calls, I’m so happy I get to call you my friend.

Alex & Olivia (@alexlake3122 on Twitter) — Alex, you are (or were 🙁) my neighbor. You’ve become a staple in my life and I have zero clue where any of my books would be without you. You’re the one who encouraged me in the first place back in the day, and you deserve all the credit. Olivia, my niece (even if not by blood), I would literally jump in front of a bus for you. You’re only (almost) three, so you probably won’t be able to read this for a minute, but one day, your mom will show you this and you’ll know you’ve impacted my life just as much as (if not more than) I’ve impacted yours.

Erin & Tristen (@ErinMainord & @TristenWrites on Twitter) — Thank you for answering all of my questions and being some of the best people on the planet. Seriously.

Brittany (@LakeCtryPress/@BrittWeisrock on Twitter) — Thank you for loving FOFS enough to take a chance on it. The revisions we have planned are going to make it so much better, and I cannot wait to get it out to readers. Cole, Sadie, Mason, Kat, Gabe (the cousin haha (name is up for debate)), and I appreciate you to the fullest extent.

Time for some nitty gritty details. Let me just say this: YOU DO NOT NEED A HIGH REQUEST RATE TO GET AN OFFER. My request rate is an abysmal 4.9%.

Here are my stats:

Queries sent: 102

Partials: 2 (1 turned full)

Fulls: 4

Rejections: 101

Offers: 1

When they say it only takes one yes…it really, truly only takes one yes.

And we all know I hold a special place for LCP in my heart. I wouldn’t have said no in literally any case.

Well…that’s it. Short, sweet, and to the point. See y’all in 2026 when FOFS is available. Or 2025 so I can market.

(That is a joke. I’m not going anywhere.)

Thank you to everyone who has believed in me along the way. If I didn't have the support I had, I never would've made it this far.


Hals :) @hpwarrington on Twitter

@hals.war on Instagram

Find my cute lil bio on LCP's website:

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